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General Info and FAQ

Disclaimer: Attempting any of these techniques will void the warranty on your Xbox 360. I will not be responsible for your attempt to fix your Xbox yourself. All information on this site is to be used at your own risk. Also DO NOT stand up in a canoe, it is very dangerous!


Basics - FAQ


General Info

XBox Customer Support1-800-469-9269. Call them BEFORE opening any box on warranty. If your 360 is still covered, the only thing you should do is get the final error code before contacting MS.

Understand that, by opening your 360, you void the warranty. If you choose to follow me or anyone else on a DIY fix, you do so of your own free will. I don't recommend that you do this ... but here is how! 8~)

Remove the Hard Drive before you do anything.

You should have some confidence in opening electronic equipment. I have easily had my hands inside of a 100+ computers, so a 360 was not a huge leap.
The components on the board will not take well to movement and should not be touched unless that is the component you wish to work on. On board Ram would be vulnerable to an electric shock The 360 is finicky as it is, if it is not broken, don't touch it.
As the power supply is a seperate unit, the 360 is a relatively safe console to work on ... as long as the power is not plugged in!
Use of a towel to force your 360 to over heat is not a recommended cure. While it make work for some instances, every time you do it you will be jeopardising other components. If you choose to do this I would advise you to first remove any DVD or game from the console to avoid warping it. The Hard Drive as well.


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